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Kason Roberts, 28 

CEO, Founder, Owner

Kason Roberts, born into uncertain circumstances, was destined to face extraordinary challenges. Raised in the foster system, he encountered a tumultuous childhood with all odds stacked against him. However, it was through resilience, determination, and the guiding light of faith that Kason triumphed over adversity. Drawing strength from the difficulties he encountered, he transformed his hardships into fuel for his future success. 


Having weathered the storms of life and being an ex-athlete, Kason discovered his passion for the roofing industry during an unexpected turn of events. Previously, he had worked in the demanding oil and gas sector, navigating through the rigors of that industry. Yet, life had more in store for him. A chance encounter with the roofing business would change the course of his life forever. 


Under Kason's visionary leadership, AR Global Roofing became an industry leader renowned for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. The company's commitment to quality workmanship, coupled with a dedicated team of professionals, fueled its growth and solidified its reputation as a trusted roofing partner. 


Driven by the enduring values of his faith and the lessons of his own life, Kason aimed to extend the reach of AR Global Roofing, offering shelter and security to more families while leaving an indelible mark on the roofing industry. Through AR Global Roofing, he has not only built a thriving business but also a beacon of hope for others striving to find their own path to success. 

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